Experienced Resource
  Access to a team of professionals that brings significantly greater breadth and depth of experience than an organization can typically hire internally. Our seasoned professionals are also comfortable proactively communicating with all levels of staff, including senior management / board members.
Knowledge Transfer Capability
  • When the current management team does not have the depth of knowledge or subject matter expertise necessary to execute initiatives, we’ll provide you a subject matter expert to support and train your team, and transfer the knowledge prior to their departure.
Increase Morale
  When your current team is stretched too thin and the workload has exceeded their capacity, it will negatively impact morale and increase the risk of losing key personnel. Co-Source Solutions provides the staff to alleviate workload during peak times and special projects. The team will appreciate the support, and subsequently, moral and productivity will increase.
Independent Professionals
  Our project professionals are dedicated exclusively to the project for which they are assigned. Their only objective is to support our clients in the success of their project. They have no hidden agendas or alliances with software products or other service providers.
  Each professional is assigned to one project at a time. You’ll never have to worry about professionals working with or contacting other clients on your time.
Experience/Skills Match
  Providing the Expertise where it is needed, each professional brings to the project a depth of experience obtained through working on a variety of business issues within multiple industries, environments and cultures. The consultant’s skill will be relevant to, and appropriately matched to the project needs. We will never assign a consultant to a project simply to get them “off the bench”, or make them billable, if their skills do not match the requirements.
Eliminate Conflict of Interest & Increase Co-Operation with External Audit
  Our professionals do not provide attestation services. Therefore, they are not competing with your outside auditor for your attestation business. This further supports co-operation and cohesiveness amongst, management, outside auditors, and co-sourcing professionals.